If you want to begin selling products and services, then you should start with the online platform. Millions of users use the internet. An online store can reach more people as compared to the local storefront. One advantage of an online store is that it can be run from your office or at your home without owning a licence or lease.

All you need is some of the best tools to help you in listing products, process orders, manage shopping carts and personalise all your products with your branding. Here are some of the best tools to help you start an online store.

Start a simple hosted online store

Simple online stores let you design product listings and change it into a regular online store. You can also personalise your store’s branding, sell numerous items in one checkout. You can also use your domain name or a URL link from their website.

a) Gumroad

Gumroad is best for starting simple online stores mostly for digital products. Gumroad is renowned for selling individual products. If you list numerous products on Gumroad, it will directly turn into a simple online store for your goods.

Gumroad can automatically add your client’s name to the pdf file. If you add numerous products to gumroad, they will be turned into a store which can be accessed in your name.

Each product that you launch will be seen by your clients and they can tap every item to view more details and also add the things to their cart. You can also use Gumroads emails to stay in touch with your clients or personalise the theme colours of your site with a paid plan for branding your business.

b) Selz

Selz is best for simple online stores with personalised themes and blogs which are inbuilt. It provides a free app for your store. You can customise the themes of Selz to fit your type of branding and add digital and physical products with just a click. Selz has a paid and a free plan. On the paid plan your clients can choose numerous items at once, but on the open program, you can only sell one item at a time. There are also more integrated add-ons which remind clients of abandoned carts, add customer order, personalise your receipts and much more.

Building a website with a store

Maybe you aren’t in need of a tool that is solely designed for creating a store. You want ample space for describing your brand and also for marketing your products. You need a blog that will be used for sharing ideas, extra pages which will be used to showcase all your design process and tools that simplify customising your website.

The following site builder tools are among the best. They have simple editors who help in building the sites. They are also useful in e-commerce too.

c) Jimdo

Jimdo is suitable for directly editing products on the website page and adding essential details with a click. It has a simple single column design by default. It’s simple to get a personalised header, descriptions and other segments that are rapidly added to your website.

You can use a new theme to change the design with just a click. Adding products has never been easy. All you need to do is to scroll down to the store section and click in between the existing product them click store item.


All the above tools are essential in building your online e-commerce store. Whether you want to sell individual products or have a significant business, you are assured to get the perfect tools which will help you in running your online store.


The Best Way to Start and Do E-Commerce

Starting a new business is not easy even in the digital world. It would be best if you had all the little things ready before you officially open up for customers. Although things are a bit different when you opt to open your business online, the concept of opening a new business applies. Since you want to do your business online, here are the things you need to keep in mind;

What are my competitors doing?

Spying on competition should help you develop a unique way of doing your business. Typically, e-commerce requires you to be more innovative and creative when it comes to beating the competition. Find out how your competition is handling their digital marketing and see the best way to beat them at their own game.

Where to open shop

There are different ways to sell online. You can decide to have a shop inform of a website or sell directly through your social media pages. Whichever the case, you have to make sure that you select an option that will favor your customers. When doing so, you need to also think about the most convenient payment method to put in place.

Who is my customer?

You can never produce and sell any product if you don’t know who needs it. The best way of identifying your market is by creating your version of the customer. Ask yourself which problem is your business solving and who has that problem. After that, think about where such a person can be and the best way to reach out to them. This way, you will narrow down to a particular audience that is most likely to buy from you.

How will I reach out to customers?

Since internet marketing is what everybody is doing, you need to begin building your online foundation quickly. Have your website up, create good content, schedule your posts and be active online. Sponsoring your social media pages and posts can also help you reach out to more customers.


Setting up an e-commerce site is pointless if you don’t emphasize on the above-discussed points. Remember that your business can be new, but your competitors will never underestimate you before officially welcoming customers to buy from you, make sure that you give them a better reason not to shop from where they normally do. Prior planning and organizing of your new online business are vital because it will help you know what to do immediately you kick off.

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