You have an insatiable appetite for travel and are thinking of blogging to share your experiences with other people. You would like to explore the potential of blogging with regard to business. You know that you need money to fund some of your adventures. So how have some people managed to turn their blogs into thriving businesses? We will go through the different steps with you, and hopefully, you can start to see your bank account grow. You get to earn money from doing something you enjoy and have a passion for.

Factors you must consider before taking the step to turn your travel blog into a business.

The decision to turn your blog into a business may be exciting, but it is fraught with challenges. If you do not start to see an income coming in, you may become disappointed and decide to opt out entirely. You may also push the wrong products on your site, and incur the wrath of your audience. It is a decision that you must weigh carefully, and we will tell you some of the things you need to do in the initial stages.

· Have a Good Understanding of Your Brand

You need a strong brand that will attract visitors to your website. You must, therefore, have the right name, a domain name, a profile, among others. Audiences base a lot of their decisions on how they perceive you from the word go. So, even as you start your travel blog, you must position yourself as a professional and an expert. Avoid anything that will put your reputation in doubt like having content that some of your audiences may find distasteful.

· Be Aware That You May Fail

Many successful business people have had their share of disappointment, before finally finding success. Failure is a normal part of a business, and you should be able to embrace it as it occurs. You may want to postpone leaving your current 8-5 job until the money starts coming in properly.

· Disclosure Is Important

You must disclose to your audience that you make a commission for some of the links on your website. You must also abide by rules governing giveaways, use of images, and promotion of an FDA-approved product, among others.  Google also has its own rules, and you must know them.

· Make It a Proper Business Entity


To make good money out of your travel blog, you must turn it into a proper business entity. It may require that you register your company either as a sole proprietor, Partnership Limited Company, among others. It will help build credibility with the companies you want to work with. It is also essential for ensuring that your billing and tax issues come under your business and not personal finances.

· You Must Be Professional

You must maintain professionalism at all times on your travel blog. You may have had an opportunity to visit a strip club in one of your visits to a foreign destination. You then decide to post graphic images or videos. Not only will you offend some of your audiences, but some of the companies who may have been looking to work with you can pull away.

· Do Your Research

You must research the companies that you want to work with, or even those who approach you. You may find it impossible to turn down money, but sometimes it is a better decision not to get into business with some of the companies. They may cause irreparable damage to your reputation, and you will find it very hard to get back.

Steps To Take If You Are a Beginner

1. Start Your Blog

Starting a blog is the most essential phase since it is the basis of all the activities you will undertake. You must have it in mind that you will eventually want to scale your blog into a business opportunity. The steps you will include the following:-

  • Come up with the right blog name and domain name which you must register
  • choose your web host provider who will give you a secure, reliable connection, as well as sufficient bandwidth to ensure first loading speeds for your page
  • Set up a website using online tools such as Shopify web builder or WordPress
  • Design your website; keep it simple easy-to-use and aesthetically appealing to attract the attention of anyone of the online platform
  • Start blogging; you will find several apps on the Shopify platform that will turn you into a blogging pro in a very short time

2. Attract the Right Audience to Your Website

Getting the right audience and traffic to your website is essential. In the initial stages, you may face some challenges because you are still relatively unknown. Use some of the tools such As Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and link to social media. Also, try inviting other travel bloggers to post as guests on your site; you will be able to build an organic community quite fast. Take advantage of platforms such as YouTube, and Pinterest to drive traffic to your site.

3. Connect With Other Travel Bloggers

Connecting with those who are in your travel niche is an essential way of building your community. Several networks are available on the online platforms that you must find a way into. Be active in such groups, comment, like, and share the posts, among others. Also, take part in industry events such as conferences and seminars so that you network with the right people.


You will find a lot of success in the online platform, but you must work hard to get it. Your travel blog is an excellent way to make an income, but you have to have the right techniques to reap maximum benefits. We have looked at some things you need to do before you turn a travel blog into a business. We have also shared tips on how to start if you are a beginner. Do your research well so that you understand what you are going into.

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