You love traveling, and you get to share your experiences through your blog. You know that you have the potential to make money on the online platforms, but you have no idea how to tackle it. You, however, know that there is a fine line between blogging and entrepreneurship. You have the passion and will to succeed, and that is why we believe you will benefit from our article below.

· Get a custom domain for your blog

As a travel blogger, you need a custom domain because it is essential if you hope for different brands to partner with you. Look at the money you will spend on getting a domain name as an investment. A company will research your company before they put any money into your website. How can they do this if you do not have a domain name?  A platform such as Shopify will allow you to get a domain name without too much effort.

· Focus On a Niche Area

Your website visitors should be able to pick you out simply by what you focus on in your blogs. They must relate to the content, and feel that you are talking to them directly. Get a good structure for your content, to avoid any confusion among the website visitors. You need to become the resource person for anyone who is looking for information on that niche area.

· Develop a Business Plan

You must be realistic about how much revenue you can generate from your blog. You will find that you are spending quite a bit of money in coming up with relevant content. Some of the expenses you incur include travel costs, running a website, shooting quality pictures and videos, among others. You will find that any money that comes in goes to covering the costs. Have a business plan in place to guide any activities you want to take. A business plan will also tell you how much profit you can make, and when you can expect to see it.

· Work On an Email List

An email list will help you directly target your audience is. Generate relevant, valuable, and unique content that directly addresses their needs. Give people incentives so that they keep returning to your website. Make sure that you regularly update your content so that it remains fresh and valuable.

The type of value you give will determine whether you keep your online audience or not. There are fantastic CRM tools available to help you with creating your email list. You will also get other tools that can help you schedule your posts so that your readers always know when you will share with them new content. Best of all, it takes away the stress of having to remember to send out the content.

· You Must Create Value

The type of posts you put on your blog site must create value for your target audience. Become a solution provider; give insights on new travel destinations, among others.

· Utilize Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

The success of your travel blog will depend on whether or not the search engines direct relevant traffic to your site. Using the appropriate keywords will ensure that you remain visible and relevant. Take the time to research your keywords. But, you must remember not to stuff your articles with them because they will become unreadable.

· Use Your Social Media Platforms

You must link your blog pages to your social media platforms. Not only do you get access to a broad audience base, but you get to build an organic community. You must generate content that resonates with social media users. Take advantage of hashtags to position you well and to increase the chances of visibility.

Social Media is an excellent platform to run campaigns, through which you reward your loyal audience members. You must also remember to engage and interact with audiences. A comment, a like, or a share will go a long way in creating loyal engagement.

· Use Your Platform to Sell

You have many opportunities to monetize your blog or website. There are fantastic brand partnership opportunities available. You can run sponsored posts or ads, sell digital products like e-guides, among others. You can also make a bit of money through affiliate marketing where you get to sell other people’s products on your platform.

· Build your portfolio

You love traveling and have probably had an opportunity to visit very many destinations. A portfolio will help build your profile as a professional. It will also help generate a level of trust from those you interact with. Display it prominently on your contact page and remember to keep updating it as Time Goes By.

· Network with Like-Minded People

Networking with like-minded people will open you up to so much possibility. Ask for help, recommendations, among others. It may amaze you, but people on the online platform, mainly social media sites, are very willing to help those they consider are like them.

· Have a Proper Marketing Strategy in Place

You must build awareness of your blog, and can, therefore, take advantage of marketing tools and platforms such as Shopify. You must remember that brands will look for blogs that have high traffic. They depend on the numbers to showcase their products. The broader your online community, the more potential you have to attract the different brands.

· Remember It Is a Labour Of Love

Running a travel blog is challenging and time-consuming. However, it is what you love, and you have an opportunity to make an income out of it. Do not give up even if you start to feel that you may have taken on more than you can handle.


It is possible to turn your travel blog into a business, but you must have their right mind frame. Have a good business plan and marketing strategy in place. You must have it at the top of your mind that creating content, and monetizing your blog are two very different things. Do thorough research before you launch your business.

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