California is a fantastic place to enjoy some beach time. You get sandy beaches where you can enjoy several activities, including swimming, snorkeling, surfing, among others. You also get fantastic places to hike, thereby allowing you maximum relaxation. We have put together some of the best beaches in the area. Our list takes into consideration convenience, aesthetics, and the general atmosphere.

· East Beach

If you are in Santa Barbara, you should check out East Beach.  What makes it interesting is it is right in the middle of the city. You get to enjoy a beautiful shoreline, calm waters, and sand for numerous activities. You must bring the little ones along because they will enjoy the water. You will not worry about their safety because of how come it is. You also get to enjoy other activities such as Waterfront Park. If you are looking for accommodation, you will find various hotels within. If you like photography, you will get some of the best views at the Stearns Wharf, allowing you to capture mountain and beach views.

· Santa Cruz

If you want a laid-back place, then you must visit the Santa Cruz beach. You will find 29 miles of beaches, including Twin Lakes State Beach, Pleasure Point Beach, and Main Beach. The Santa Cruz beach boardwalk has very many activities that you can take part in. It is an excellent place to go with the family because of the amusement park that offers tons of activities. If you prefer a more quiet time, check out the Bonnie Doon or Waddell beach.

· Dana Point

Dana point is an excellent place to go if you prefer to stay away from the crowds. It sits between Laguna Beach and San clement, and you have the option of several beaches. Such include salt Creek Beach Park, Doheny State Beach, and monarch Bay Beach. It is a fantastic place to bring the family. If you are thinking of investing in some beachfront real estate, check out some of the Mansions at the Dana Strand beach.

· Monterey

Monterey is a fantastic place to enjoy the wonders of nature. The Views are stunning due to the dunes, peninsula and miles and miles of beach. Unfortunately, there is not much in terms of swimming shorelines, but it is a beach worth checking out.

· Venice Beach

What makes the Venice Beach area really interesting is the type of people you will find there. The inhabitants are quirky by nature and are great fun to be around. It is also a popular area for bodybuilders, so get ready to see muscle-bound people around. A casual stroll on the boardwalk will expose you to the real personality of the place.

You must also come with some spending money because the shops are laden with so much exciting stuff. You also get to enjoy street performers and fabulous eateries. If you are looking for accommodation, you will find them in numerous hotels. If you want a little solitude, take a walk at the Venice canals.

· Santa Monica

Santa Monica epitomizes everything a beach destination should be. The beaches cover approximately 245 acres, and you get access to a large number of activities. Must ensure that you visit there amusement park pier. You also get to see the Santa Monica Mountains, which is truly a sight to behold. Due to the proximity to the city, you have access to amenities such as the Third Street promenade and Colorado Avenue. It will allow you to shop and eat in the local bars and restaurants.

· Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Torrey Pines is approximately 15 miles away from downtown San Diego. Being a natural reserve, what you will especially like about it, is that feeling of wilderness. You’ll get to enjoy the feeling of being at one with nature and can for a minute, lay down the burdens of everyday life. As the name suggests, you will find the Torrey pine trees which are a rare species. Come with fantastic hiking boots and a camera, so that you can enjoy the scenic trails. You will love the coastal cliffs that seem to reach right up to the sky level. It is a popular place that attracts quite a number of visitors.

· Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer beach stands out because it is a breathtaking beach. Come with your camera fully charged so as to take in some of the scenery. It is located in the Big Sur area just 10 miles away from Andrew Molera State Park to the south. What makes it especially stunning is the Rock formations and Cliffs that are a photographers dream. You must make sure that you check out the Keyhole Rock, which is one of the Iconic places at Pfeiffer beach. Unfortunately, the area is not safe for swimming.  It will, however, appeal to anyone who is looking for a site that has aesthetic appeal. A place that will allow for ultimate relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

· Natural Bridges State Beach

Natural Bridges is in Santa Cruz, and it offers an intimate setting for its visitors. You will enjoy the scenery, and get to see some of the geological formations that are fantastic for your photography collections. Try and capture the arch Rock during sunset for that perfect picture. Other areas you can explore include the tide pools, Monarch Butterfly Natural Preserve, among others.

· Moonstone Beach

Moonstone beach is picturesque and features Brown sand. It runs parallel to the Moonstone beach drive, and you will find several motels that can offer you accommodation. You will also find several eateries where you can get to enjoy fantastic meals. Take a walk on the boardwalk that is on the bluff just above the beach. The boardwalk also gives you access to Santa Rosa Creek and Leffingwell landing where you get access to additional beaches.


Use our list above as a guide for the best beaches to visit when in California. You will not run short of activities, and whether you are traveling alone or with family and friends, you are sure to have tons of fun.


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