It is vacation time, and you are wondering about which places to take your family. You have heard that there are some fantastic beaches in California, but have never had a chance to visit. If this is the situation you currently are in, you will enjoy our article below. We will share with you some of the must-visit beaches. Be ready to have a lot of fun, and make sure you charge your camera so that you get plenty of photographs.

· Coronado

The Coronado area has for a long time enjoyed massive returns due to the number of beaches in the area. If you manage to get space in hotel Del Coronado, you get to experience history dating back to 1888. And even if you do not become a resident of the hotel, you can enjoy the Coronado central beach that borders the ocean Boulevard.

You will find many people who enjoy the beaches, including bodysurfers, sand sculptures, and swimmers, among others. Plan to visit within December to February if you have a passion for whales. Other beaches that you must visit are the Coronado dog beach, where your favorite pooch can frolic away in the surf.

· El Matador Beach

El Matador Beach is a fantastic place to get away from the hustle and bustle in Los Angeles. You get to enjoy complete bliss that comes with relaxing at the beach. Make sure you check the schedule of the tide so that it does not cut you off. You must also bring some lunch or dinner for the perfect picnic right on the beach. If you are feeling romantic, make sure you explore the hidden nooks and coves at El Matador.

· Baker Beach

Nudists will particularly like baker beach because you can get to be in your element at the North End. You may not necessarily enjoy swimming due to the currents, which may be a bit dangerous. There is, however, fantastic scenery, which is extremely appealing to anyone who has an interest in photography. Make sure you visit the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands for some stunning views.

If you are a history buff, you will enjoy visiting the home to the Battery Chamberlain. The Battery Chamberlain was a defense for San Francisco’s underwater minefields built in 1904. You will get an opportunity to view the disappearing gun which is a 50 ton 6-inch diameter gun. The weapon has an innovative design because they were able to load it by lowering it, thus hiding it from the enemy. The gun was a gift to the National Park Service from the Smithsonian institution. It came to the beach in 1977, and it remains at the site to date. Carry large amounts of sunscreen so that you can sunbathe, although you will have to contend with the crowds.

Oh, another thing, you must be a dog lover, because you will find many of them at the beach. Think about carrying a picnic as well because there are not too many bars and restaurants. There are, however, some places you can enjoy pizza, oysters, and beer, so you will not go hungry.

· Bolinas Beach

Bolinas Beach allows you to take along your favorite pooch. Bring your surfing Gear even if you are a beginner.  The water is friendly enough for someone who does not have experience.  It is a fantastic Spot for the days you want to relax. Keep your eyes open because you may get an opportunity to see the great white sharks. You also do not want the high tide to cut you off from certain areas so you must be careful.

· Carmel Beach

Carmel beach allows you to enjoy your vacation with your dog. You do not even have to put your family pet on a leash because they can roam about unfettered. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets, fine white sand, majestic cypress trees, and dog-friendly rules.

You must, however, note that the area has very vicious riptides and it is, therefore, not the best place to go for a swim. You can, however, wade in the surf line, play volleyball, or even enjoy a romantic moment as you wait for the sun to go down. You must also plan to visit downtown Carmel for great food and drinks. You get to enjoy local cuisine, pastries pizza and bread.

· Cayucos State Beach

Cayucos State Beach is one of the last of the California beach towns. You get a laid-back vibe, spotless sandy beaches, and a mostly untouched terrain.  If you enjoy solitude and long walks, this is the place for you. Other activities include surfing, kiteboarding, beachcombing, and fishing, among others. The night fishing is especially popular because the area is well-lit for such activities.  You also do not need a license to try your hand at fishing.

· Cowell Beach

Cowell Beach is popular with those who like sunbathing, surfing and volleyball. For the latter, you get up to 15 volleyball courts. The waves are very friendly, and the locals are only too happy to share. You will get all kinds of people here, and so you must be willing to contend with many other beachgoers. You may struggle with finding parking, but if you want to learn how to surf this is a place for you.

Visit the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, the Splash and many other Hangouts for fantastic food and drinks.  Bring your camera so that you capture the amazing sunsets.

· Salt Creek Beach

Salt Creek Beach is in Orange County and is a favorite for many families. You get access to fantastic picnic points at the beach or on the grass lawns. You will find many surfers, and beginners can also learn because they are lifeguards on standby. Be careful about tide pools during low tide, especially at the south end of the beach.


We have shared some fantastic areas you can visit when you are in California. Carry along plenty of sunscreen and get ready to enjoy the beach. You must also make it a point to visit the town so that you get to eat, drink and party away with the locals.


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