You may have read online articles about how easy it is to transform your travel blog into a money-making machine. You are very excited and can barely wait to start. However, before you quit your day job there are certain things you need to be aware of. We will explore them in more detail below.

· It Will Be Difficult To Make Money

If you plan to monetize your travel blog, you must be very realistic going in. You will find it very challenging to make money. Even if you do, in the initial phase, the amount you make may not be much. Those who have found success tend to combine travel blogging with many other sources of income. They have also taken the time to invest in writing, marketing, growing their online audiences, among others. They aggressively seek partnerships with companies that can take care of some of the expenses, thus making it easier for them to travel.

· It Can Be Expensive

The best way to have a successful travel blog is to travel as much as possible. Only then can you get fantastic footage and photos in different exotic locations. In the initial stages, when no one knows you, you will have to dip into your pocket to cover their expenses. However, do not lose hope because the more you grow, the more sponsorship you will be able to get. It will help cover the cost of some of the trips. The most successful bloggers get invitations from hotels, tourism boards, among others, that absorb the full cost of the trip.

· It Can Be Exhausting and Lonely

Traveling is fantastic, and you get to see so many amazing new places. However, the process can be exhausting, and even the most avid traveler will tell you that they sometimes need a break from being on the road. If you have a family, it can also get tricky because you spend time away from them. However, look on the bright side you get to visit places that some people can only dream about.

How Can You Make Money As A Travel Blogger?

· Paid Trips

We have already touched on fully sponsored trips above. The sponsor will take care of all aspects of the trip, including organization, fun, activities, meals, among others. On top of that, you may get a stipend, but this depends on who is doing the sponsoring. The main thing with the paid trips is that you must deliver at the end of the journey. Depending on what you agree with the sponsor, there are specific deliverables you must achieve. So, you have to create that balance between fun and work.

· Affiliate Marketing

If you do it right, affiliate marketing is a fantastic source of passive income. You must use your connections as a travel blogger to partner with the right companies. You must also ensure that you understand fully what product you are pushing. You should not recommend anything that you have not had an opportunity to try to your audience.

· Sponsored Posts

You can earn money by having sponsored posts on your blog pages. You must have the right kind of traffic to your website so that the companies know that you can deliver. You can also have the same ads or posts on your social media platforms. Be careful so that you do not bombard your audiences with too many adverts.

· Social Media

With the right following on social media platforms, you will find many brands that are willing to work with you. Ensure you build an organic community, and engage with them so that they comment, share, or like your posts.

· Travel Consultancy

You get to visit very many countries and get to learn a lot while on the trips. You can offer consultancy services for individuals or groups that want to travel. Have the right resources so that you can get into things like planning trips, among others. You can even offer to join them on the trips as a tour guide.

How to Find Success as a Travel Blogger

If you hope to make money as a travel blogger, you must build the right audience base. You must, therefore, ensure the following:-

  • Your content must be useful and add value to the end consumer. Give recommendations, and show your audiences how they can save money while on a trip
  • You have to be exciting, and it requires that you get out of your hotel and look for exciting stuff to do.
  • Write guest posts so that people start to know you. You build credibility and can grow your audience base very quickly
  • Take advantage of social media by being active, engaging, and generating exciting content.
  • Aggressively market yourself by taking advantage of PR opportunities. You could, for example, become the go-to Resource for the journalists who focus on travel.
  • You can also send in articles to the media houses for editorial purposes. Remember, media houses are always looking for fresh content, and you can become a resource for them.


You can use your travel blog to make money, but it requires dedication and a willingness to learn. You must also know that you will not make money from the outset, and must work hard before you start seeing returns. We have shared with you the reality of monetizing your blog posts. We cannot stress this enough before you embark on any money-making activity; you must make time to learn everything there is to know. You will find a lot of resources, both online and offline. Talk to people within your industry, and learn from their mistakes and successes.

Spend some of your money on advertising your travel blog. The social media platforms a relatively inexpensive, but you get to reach very many people. You must create awareness of your platform, it will require that you spend some money, but it is worth it.

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