Writing a travel blog is an excellent way of sharing your experiences with the audiences. You also get to immortalize the places you have been to for posterity’s sake. However, it can be a daunting task.  You need to capture everything you want to say excitingly. You must be able to describe your travels with such detail, that whoever is reading feels that they are actually with you on the ground. There are certain things you can do to make your writing more interesting. You will then be able to build traffic to your site, which is an essential part of owning a log page. So what should you do?

· You Must Read

If you are a budding writer, the best piece of advice you will ever get is to ensure that you read. Lose yourself in a few good books, which will help you improve your writing skills. Stock up your home library with books around travel so that you can get to see how the authors describe the places they have been to. You will find it easier to churn out high-quality articles because you will have had the chance to wrap your head around different writing styles.

· You Must Love What You Do

The best way to excel at anything is to love what you do. If you enjoy traveling, it does not necessarily translate into you enjoying the writing part. Truly develop a love for writing and invest all your resources into learning how to do it well.

· Expand Your Thinking

You will have a lot of frustration if your writing style is linear. Linear thinking will force you to start with a beginning, middle, and end. Sometimes the best storyline comes from the end and not the beginning if that makes any sense. You may, for example, hear that some of the best authors do not even have an idea about how their story starts. They, however, have very clear thinking about the plot development, and how the story finally ends. Think about your travel blog in totality, and then try to flesh out the story as you go along.

· Think About Your Motivation

Some of the people who excel in life do not have the talent or even high-level intelligence.  What they have in plenty is the drive. If you want to excel at something, you will spend all your time looking for a way to achieve it. It goes back to reading, researching, and seeking advice from those who have managed to excel, among others.

· Give Your Mind a Free Rein

You may have heard about writer’s block. You may have an idea, you run to your computer, and then you go blank. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to let your mind run free, without trying to enclose it in the ‘idea’ box. It may surprise you how creative you can get if you do not close your mind to things around you. Writing a travel blog allows you to explore so many topics, and you do not have to follow what are the people write about. You may find topics by opening your inner eye and letting your mind absorb everything that is going on around you.

· Learn How to Tell a Good Story

You will come across two basic types of travel writing, personal essays or commercial. When you are writing for commercial, you must apply a lot of knowledge and follow a particular structure, including the opening paragraphs, graphical presentations, and conclusions, among others.

Personal essays, on the other hand, give you a little more freedom. While you will still have the same level of attention to detail, you can be a little more informal and relaxed. However, have a good understanding of your topic before you put it down on paper.

· Think about the reader by acting like one

Think about the person who will be reading your travel blogs and put yourself in their shoes. You already consume quite a bit of content from other writers and must know what you like and what you do not like. Now give your readers an article that they can consume and enjoy.

· Do Not Stress

No one, not even the accomplished authors, gets everything right the first time around. It is not uncommon to hear that an author will trash a whole manuscript and start anew.  Your first draft will never be good enough, and if you allow yourself to get frustrated, you will give up as soon as you start. You must be patient and continue to perfect what you are working on. When you feel that it is getting too much, turn off the computer for some time and take a breather.

· Focus On What You Know

Writing a travel blog will only work if you have good knowledge about what you are writing. When you present the story from your viewpoint, you get to avoid having to rely on other people for information. It is a travel blog from your perspective, and you can, therefore, not be wrong in how you experience it. We are, however, in no way saying that you should not research factual information.

When you start to feel that your first draft is flowing well, read it again and again, preferably loudly so that you can edit it appropriately.

· Let Someone Else Read It for You

Having someone go through what you have written is a fantastic idea. You can start with a friend or family member before sending it off to an editor.


Writing is an art that you must invest time in so that you learn to do it well. You can go for training or invest in the time to teach yourself by reading and researching. When you decide to write a travel blog, you must be patient and give yourself sufficient time to do it well.

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