A travel blog is a fantastic way to share your love for travel with millions of people. You get to describe the places you have been to in great detail, and people can live vicariously through you. If you do it right, you can also monetize your website and make some excellent income on the side.

There is great satisfaction in sharing what you love with other people, and a blog is a fantastic way to do it. If you want to write a blog, but do not quite know how to go about it, we will share with you some fantastic ideas. So let us get started.

· Think About a Creative Name

You are starting a travel blog, and you need to get people to come to your website to check it out. One way to do it is by having an original name to describe your blog. Quite honestly, getting the right name can be very challenging. You, however, need to get something that stands out, while generating a level of interest from the online community. You must focus on longevity, and may, therefore, want to avoid time-bound names. Your name should also resonate with all ages, so avoid those that may be controversial. Remember, people have to remember the name because it is your URL. It must, therefore, be a memorable, easy to pronounce, easy to spell name.

· Think About Your Hosting Options

The right web hosting is essential if you hope to have a website that functions well. Your web host provider should give you security features that will help you protect your data. It should also have sufficient bandwidth capacity so that you avoid slow loading pages. The connection must also be reliable so that you do not experience any downtime.

You have several options to consider with regards to web hosting.  There is the option of shared servers, where you will share the space with several other websites. The disadvantage is that too many sites on the platform may negatively impact on the performance of your website. We also have the option of virtual private networks that have better functionality than the basic option, but you will require some server management capabilities. The other option is to go for a dedicated server where you get a server that is entirely yours. It may be more costly, but you get more benefits because you have control.

The other critical factor to consider is the level of customer support. If anything affects the smooth running of your website, you should be able to reach someone who will sort you out immediately. Your website visitors require a seamless user experience,  and you cannot afford any service disruptions.

· Consider Your Website Builder

Anyone who is trying to set up a website in this day and age is fortunate due to a large number of online resources available. The tools are so easy to use, that you do not even need coding knowledge to be able to set up your website. Platforms such as Shopify will take you through the process using the easy-to-use interface. You may need to learn the liquid coding language, which may initially prove to be a bit challenging? Once you learn the language, you will have your website up and running in no time.

You have many themes that you can use to create an aesthetically pleasing, and easy-to-use website.

· Use the Blogging Apps On Shopify

The main advantage of Shopify is that you get help with most of the functionalities. Since you are starting a travel blog, you need to have the best apps to help you with the process. You will find a number of them on Shopify including Blogfeeder, Related Blog Posts, Blog Studio, and Pro Blogger. You can also use Linkcious for Blogs, Blog Linker, and Blogcollab.

· Creating a Blog

There are particular steps you must take when you want to start a blog. You need an ‘about page’ so that you give more details about yourself. Visitors to your website would be interested in knowing more about you and why they should care about your travel chronicles. Make this page fun and attention-grabbing so that your audiences can start to build an emotional connection with you. If you lose them on this page due to dull and uninformative content, then they are very unlikely to want to interact with your content.

Your first blog should be all about you, and why you are sharing your passion for travel.   It will also tell your visitors what they can hope to get out of reading your blogs. It may interest you to know that people want honest experiences that do not contain obvious advertising language. Some bloggers will earn money by mentioning particular places, but they tend to forget that the most important thing is to communicate with their audiences. You must not lose that human touch; otherwise, you will lose your reader’s interest.

· Link Your Blog to All Your Social Media Platforms

Linking your blog to your social media platforms means that you have access to a more significant number of people.

· Engage With the Audiences

You will find a lot of interest from people who enjoy traveling just like you. They may comment on your post or even ask questions. Take the time to respond, if not people will feel like you are ignoring them, and you will lose your audiences.

· Measure the Success of Your Travel Blog

A good way of knowing whether you are making an impact with your travel blog is by measuring the performance. Tools such as Google Analytics are a fantastic way of getting the necessary info. You will, for example, see how many visitors you have to your blog, which posts got the most interest, how long they stayed on your site, among others. With such information, you can tweak your content appropriately to ensure that you keep the audiences engaged.


You have the steps you need to set up your website and start your travel blog above. You must remember to generate engaging, informative content so that your online visitors keep coming back for more.

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