You enjoy traveling, and you also share your experiences on your travel blog. However, you realize that you need to start making some money, s to take care of some of the travel expenses. We have some fantastic ideas for you in our article below. Not only do you get to continue traveling and writing, but you also get a way to supplement your income.

· Your Blog Is a Fantastic Resume

If you have been thinking about getting into freelance work, your clients will want to see samples of your work. What better resume do you have then your articles and website? It will show that you have a good understanding of the subject and can generate fantastic content.

· Start a Travel Podcast

A podcast is a fantastic way to engage with your audience in a fun interactive manner. You will also get an opportunity to make money through ads, among others. You must, however, ensure that your content is original and unique so that people tune in.

· Use Your Traffic to Generate Ad Revenue

If your website has high traffic, you can make quite a bit of cash through ad placement. You must, however, ensure that you do not bombard your audiences with pop-ups. They can be very irritating, especially when you are trying to interact with content.

· Come Up With Travel Related Products

You can make money by selling travel-related products or services. It could be eguides, travel accessories, and travel consultancy, among others. You must ensure that whatever product you come up with a response to a particular need. You must also position yourself as an authority, and someone who understands what the audiences need.

· Think About Working as a Virtual Assistant

One way of improving your writing skills is by seeing what other people do. You can, therefore, look for work as a virtual assistant, so that you learn the ropes. Make sure you expand your networks so that you built the right connections. By positioning yourself as someone who understands travel blogging, you will find other bloggers who may not have time reaching out to you for assistance. It will give you a fantastic source of income, as you continue to write your blog posts.

· Explore the Potential of Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website, you must take advantage of affiliate marketing. By putting links of other brands on your website, you get a favorable ranking on some of the search engines. You also get to make money every time someone clicks on a link and makes a purchase.  Many companies look for affiliate marketers such as Amazon, Etsy, Groupon, among others. Businesses like hotels, insurance companies, and transport companies, also look for people who can promote their products and services.

You must use your travel blog posts creatively so that you get as many links into your website as possible. If for example, you had a medical scare while abroad, use a blog post to include a link that will send the audience to a particular travel insurance cover. Your audience will not feel like you are trying to push the product down their throat.

· Sell Your Travel Photos

During your travels to different destinations, you will get to take a lot of photographs and videos. You will come across some fantastic sights that you must record for posterity’s sake through photography. There are thousands of people on the online platform who are looking for photographs. You can make money by selling stock photos.

The same goes for videos. You can sell some of the videos you take during your travel. You can also upload them on platforms such as YouTube and feature ads to earn some commission. With videos, you need to come up with fantastic high-resolution material. You must also ensure that if there is any narration, you do it in a fun way so that people get the urge to watch them.

· Paid Campaigns

The more you build your audiences, the more interest you will generate on the online platforms. Individual companies will be Paying attention to what you are doing and may want to partner with you in specific projects. The rewards for such partnerships are excellent. Some companies may, for example, pay for your trips, as long as you mention their company in your travel blog material.  Depending on how good you are, you never have to pitch your travel blog to any company. You will find them actively seeking you out for the job opportunities.

· Public Speaking Opportunities

Public speaking opportunities are a great way to show that you are an authority in a particular area. It is therefore essential that you are very active in industry events so that you network with the right people. Be relevant within these networks so that you build your profile as a professional. You may find that you get invitations to particular events where you can share your travel knowledge.

· Paid Trips

Tourism companies, tourism boards, hotels among others will pay a well-known travel blogger to take trips to some destinations. They do this intending to push a particular place to generate market interest. The hotels will pay you to stay at their venue and write positive reviews that will get people in. However, the challenge is making sure that you have the right numbers with regard to audiences. Travel bloggers who have managed to attain influencer status are more likely to land such opportunities.


There you have it, some fantastic ways of turning your travel blog into an income source. You can combine some of the ideas so that you have multiple sources of income. You must, however, do your research well before embarking on any of the money-making Ventures. You must have a proper understanding of the business ideas to avoid disappointment. Be realistic about the revenue you can get from your travel blog. Come up with a proper business plan and a marketing strategy so that you build a large following to attract more business.

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