When you start a travel blog, you get an opportunity to interact with people who share your love for the road. There are, however, some expenses related to coming up with content, and you need a way to cover them. You have to take care of transport, accommodation, and upkeep while on your travels. You may be using your savings to cover the expenses, but there is no longevity in doing this. You need to monetize your blog, and there are several ways you can do this.

Like any other business venture, do not go into it blind. Make sure you have a business plan, a marketing plan,  timelines, goals, and the right target audience. With the right strategies, it will reach a time that brands are actively looking for you to push their products. At this time you will find that you are making money even when you are asleep.

How to Monetize a Website

Since you are already running a travel blog, you have already taken the steps into creating an excellent website. You most likely already have people who are actively interacting with your articles. If you use Google Analytics, you can see how many visitors you have to your blog pages. You also get a good indication of what they like to read. The information you collect using the analytics is essential because it will determine what kind of venture you go into when monetizing your website. Some of the ideas you can take advantage of include:-

· Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple as opening an account with an affiliate program. You get an affiliate link, which you will post on your website. Anytime someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase; you stand to earn a commission. You will find affiliate programs that have some excellent commission structures. Such include Amazon, which has attractive offers for anyone that is doing affiliate marketing for them.

Only push products that you have had an opportunity to use yourself. You do not want to advertise anything that could position you in a bad light. It helps if your audience can trust that you have their best interest at heart at all times, and would not want to push just any product on your website.

Another tip is to focus on affiliate programs that have niche products. You get to earn higher commissions because the probability of customers looking for such products is higher.

· Sell Advertising Space

Many companies are looking for inexpensive ways to advertise their products. Popular avenues include the use of websites that have a large audience base. You stand a higher chance of landing such contracts if you have online visitors of 200,000 and above. You will then feature client banners, pop-up ads, and display ads, among others. You must, however, ensure that you do not bombard your online visitors with too many ads. It can be very irritating for an online user to keep having ads interrupt them when they are trying to interact with your content.

· Leads Generation

Turn your travel blog into a money-making venture by exploring leads generation. You attract visitors with your blog and then turn the audience into customers. Look for a way to collect customer information so that you build a database. Think about using things such as offers to make it more appealing. You will find companies paying people with websites to generate leads for them.

· Sell Products

You can sell products on your travel blog such as travel guides, travel hacks, travel accessories, among others. The tricky part is getting stuff that your audiences will love and want to purchase.

· Product reviews and advertorials

Many people will base their purchasing decisions on a review. Companies are quickly realizing this, and are looking for people who can review their products and post them on their websites. You must generate a well balanced article showing the pros and cons. For example, if you stay at a particular hotel during your travels, you partner with the hotel to provide a review. Of course, your main aim is to generate a review that positions the hotel in the best light possible. You will, however, benefit more by throwing in one or two things you did not like. You resonate better with the audience, as opposed to an advertisement which will only shout about the positives.

· Digital Products

You already have a travel blog and can now look for a way to package it into a digital product. Think about eGuides, eBooks, among others.  You must also think of a way to market  your digital products to your target audience.

· Email Lists

An email list is a fantastic way of reaching your target audience directly. You can push products such as digital products, reviews, or any other information to a particular segment.  You know they will read them because it is relevant to them.

· Pay per click advertising

You can make money on your travel blog through pay-per-click. Take a minute to check out Google Adsense. It is one of the best platforms you can use to generate an income with the pay per click advertising. You will host ads from different providers and earn a commission anytime someone clicks on that particular ad.


When you start your travel blog, you may not quite realize its potential. However, you have the opportunity to make good money while doing what you love. You must take the time to build the right audience base. You must also sell or push products or services that you believe will improve the lives of your audiences.

We have shared some of the ideas you can implement above. You may choose to work with only one or try a combination of two or three. Do not spread yourself too thin by trying everything at once. Take your time to understand how it works, so that you can maximize its potential. Some may work others may not, but once you find the right one, you must stick to it and perfect it.

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