Finding the right images for websites can be a long and boring process! Consider our 3 great tips and learn how to find the right photos quickly!


We all have been there – spending hours and hours looking for the perfect photo for your website. Even though there are hundreds of stock photography websites where you can find high-quality and high-resolution photos, finding the right or the best one, always takes time. But it doesn’t have to be like that.


We would like to help you out by presenting you a few great tips that can make the process smoother and faster. By using these tips you will be able to find the exact photo you are looking for and focus on your website and your upcoming projects.


  • Use negative search terms or keywords – One of the best things about using a stock library is that you have millions and millions of different photos to choose from. Before you start looking for one specific photo, it is really important to know exactly what are you looking for or eventually have a rough idea of what are you looking for. For example, if your website is all about beauty products and makeup you probably are looking for a girl using a makeup. Even though there are literally millions of photos to choose from, sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to narrow down your search. In order to get a more honed result, we recommend you to try adding negative search terms, for example, when entering a keyword, tell the website what you don’t want, instead of what do you want. For instance, if you are searching for photos of pets with their owners, don’t type in “pets and owners” instead, type “pets and owners NOT dogs”. Besides using negative search terms and keywords, you can also exclude results you don’t need or you don’t want. Use the menu and tell the search engine to exclude photos featuring dogs, people, and etc.
  • Use conceptual search terms – Searching for things you want your photo to include or searching for the literal things such as “business meeting”, for example, will get you on the way to finding the right photo, however, this process takes time. We would like to recommend you something and get you there faster. By adding conceptual terms, you will be able to narrow down the search to photos that include a certain emotion, feeling or a concept. So, if you are looking for business meeting photos, you may ask yourself exactly what values you want the photo to include so that people can relate to your brand. You need to add specific keywords that relate to those qualities such as success, collaboration, teamwork, ambition, achievement, stress, hardworking, trust, and etc. By adding these keywords, you will be able to find free images for websites that convey the emotions and qualities you are looking for in a matter of minutes.
  • Search with photos and not words – Sometimes, it is much simpler to say “I want a similar photo to this one” than to put that into words and explain the photo you like. There are some stock photography websites that you can search by photo and by words. All you have to do is find the camera icon and upload a photo. The search engine will deliver fast results that match the photo you have uploaded. Please keep in mind that the PNG or JPG photo must not be larger than 4000px in height and in width and must be smaller than 5MB.


We hope you will make use of these tips and speed up the process of finding high-quality free images for websites.


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Where to Find Creative Commons Images Online: 6 Cool Websites to Consider

Here are 6 cool websites where you can find great Creative Commons images that can be used for personal and commercial purpose!


It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger, a website owner, a journalist or any other type of content producer, you should know where to look for stock photos which you can use in your articles, blog posts, presentations, and etc. When using stock imagery, it is really important to ensure the photos are licensed for your use. You can’t just use any type of photo you want or download the first photo you see online as you may face the risk of stealing someone’s else creative work. This is not only unethical, but it can also destroy your reputation.

Finding Creative Commons images online is easy if you know where to look. In this article, we will present 6 cool websites you must consider when looking for the perfect photo:


  • Clker – This is one of the best sources to consider when looking for public domain photos and clip art. It is also a great website for symbols and icons. One of the standout features of Clker is that it allows you to edit any SVG photo in a special browser-based drawing program. If you want, you can use the visual editor or change the raw SVG source code and this is one of the easiest ways to edit the colors of the elements.
  • Open Clip Art Library – Another great place where you can find Creative Commons images. If you want, you can install the OCAL or Open Clip Art Library to your machine and you can make a huge portion of the library available offline. The downloadable archives are available from the FTP server of OCAL and if you are using Linux, the archives are available from your package repositories. Keep in mind that the offline collection hasn’t been changed or updated since 2010 which means that not all images can be used for today’s projects.
  • Wikimedia Commons – This website has more than 15 million stock photos, sounds, and other media files. In order to find the photo you are looking for, you can go through the various categories. All photos are licensed, so before you use one, make sure they are free for you to use them and whether or not they require attribution.
  • Flickr Creative Commons – Did you know that Flickr has a special Creative Commons section? There are more than 200 million photos, graphics, and etc. that are licensed under CC or Creative Commons. You can go through the photos by license or you can just click on “See more” and go to a search page.
  • MorgueFile – This website can offer you a collection of free, high-quality, and high-resolution images that can be used for commercial or personal projects. All photos you will see here are released under a MorgueFile licence, meaning that users are free to edit the photo and use the photo for commercial projects, without attribution.
  • biz – This is a great resource for stock images, clip art, and others. Everything you see here is licensed individually, so before you download and use a certain photo, check the license agreement. Don’t get confused by the photos labeled – sponsored image from Shutterstock as these photos will automatically redirect you to the official Shutterstock website where you need to pay to subscribe. Avoid these photos and use the photos that are free to download and use!


Where do you find Creative Commons images online? Do you use freely licensed photos? Comment below!


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