¿Desea tener un mejor control de sus actividades de marketing?

Todos los días hay una nueva plataforma o una nueva tecnología. Es bastante difícil mantenerse al día con este cambio. Es por eso que si usted es un negocio en línea o un proveedor de servicios en línea; siempre tienes que estar evolucionando.

Wondering what is business manager? Well, business manager is a free Facebook tool which enables advertisers to perform their various marketing activities within a single hub. If you are among the businesses that have multiple pages and social media accounts to manage, then business manager tool is the best option for you. Essentially, it’s a tool which allows multiple people to access your pages. You can add or remove employees and pages from the account. It’s also a nice tracking platform as well. Since this tool brings together several accounts, pages and pixels together, you are bound to get an integrated experience.

Setting up business manager on Facebook

First, make sure to own a personal Facebook account. After confirming your identity, get yourself registered for business manager. For this purpose, you will visit business.Facebook.com. Type the name of your business; select a primary page, including your name and work email address. As per Facebook’s terms, businesses cannot own more than two business manager accounts.

Should I be using business manager?

The platform is more suitable for those large businesses that have too many things going around. Business Manger does require at least one main page and advertising account. For entrepreneurs who don’t know how to use it properly shouldn’t be using this complex and overwhelming tool. However, startups and small ecommerce businesses can think of business manager if the goal is to target customers for campaigns. You can use business manager if you relate to any of the following.

  • When your business has several pages to track with huge staff.
  • When your enterprise targets vast range of clients with multiple pages and ad accounts.
  • When your venture advertises in various geographical locations with different time zones.

Benefits of Using Business Manager

Here are following benefits of using business manager.

  • It Provides Greater Safety

When you go online, your data becomes vulnerable. However, online marketing with Facebook business manager becomes secure and protected from all misuse, unauthorized access, and ill-suited handling by naive employees. This is because the tool is equipped with the feature to assign different roles and linked permissions to employees. This way, not everyone has access to view all details. Likewise, not everyone is allowed to use every feature.

  • It Makes Facebook Marketing More Effective And Convenient

The option to add Instagram account to your business manager account can help you in many ways. By bridging the two platforms together, it makes everything convenient for business owners. Plus, it lessens your tasks by leveraging you to operate number of things from single dashboard.

  • It Provides Better Control

When you manage your business with business manager, you don’t have to hop from one page to another. Instead, marketing activities can be controlled with one central location. Further, it provides a better understanding, saves time, and thus increases the efficiency of your efforts.

  • It allows you to be more organized

In this single pool of business manager, all the information remains organized and secured. The tool is built in such a way that allows you to control every aspect to market your business like you can find accounts, pages, assign roles to employees and a lot at an easy go. What more can you ask for?

  • It’s absolutely free

Facebook business manager is all free. Not only the basic features, but it allows you to access the advanced features as well. For instance, you can make use of Facebook Analytics tool to see multiple sources of data compilation into one analytics dashboard.

Manage your business with Shopify

You can manage your business by connecting Shopify account to your Facebook. This will help you determine website visits and to know conversion rates on Shopify website. This is how you can know better about your overall ecommerce business. This information can also be used to optimize Facebook ads and create custom audiences to make more profit.

Doing ecommerce business has become a lot easier due to Shopify. It has a vast range of apps and experts that ensures fast growth of your business. Being a business owner, you can manage and fulfill orders with single click. Not only that, it offers sheer convenience with unified inventory that shows accuracy throughout all the channels regardless where you decide to sell.

Why manage your business with Facebook business manager?

Facebook is potentially the most effective platform to enhance sales, and maximize marketing results. With the feature to create product catalogs, the tool helps manage your business efficiently. For different types of businesses, Facebook business manager offers different types of catalogs. When you use catalog, you promote your products to sell across various channels like Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Del mismo modo, la otra característica interesante es el píxel de Facebook. Es un código pequeño para su sitio web que le permite medir, optimizar y crear audiencias para sus campañas publicitarias. Una vez que cree la cuenta de Business Manager, asegúrese de instalar el píxel lo antes posible.

Al dominar los aspectos básicos del gerente de negocios, ahora los empresarios pueden ejecutar fácilmente todo tipo de sofisticadas campañas publicitarias de Facebook. Cuanto más promocione su página, más se orientará a nuevas campañas publicitarias y, por lo tanto, podrá generar un ROI más alto.


Use el administrador de negocios para administrar fácilmente sus actividades de marketing y agilizar sus esfuerzos de marketing. Es un lugar donde puede tener una visión general completa de cada actividad en todo momento. No solo mejora la colaboración en equipo, sino que también garantiza que su valiosa información y activos permanezcan seguros y protegidos. Al ser un principiante, es posible que necesite algo de tiempo para aprender sobre la herramienta, pero merece la pena. Tome una decisión después de considerar sus ventajas y desventajas.

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