Travel blogging is a fun way to share your travel experiences. It is also an excellent opportunity to develop your writing skills. You get to connect with thousands of travelers and within time can become the go-to source for information. Whether you want to do it as a full-time career or part-time, there is so much content you can focus on. However, before you start, there are certain things you need to know.  We will share some fantastic expert advice on how to write your travel blog.

· Invest In Polishing Your Writing Skills

There are many people writing travel blogs. The ones who have a lot of traffic have mastered the art of coming up with exciting content. They research their work thoroughly and focus on things that other people are maybe ignoring. There is a tendency to only focus on the normal. Yet the reality is that there is so much material one can collect from a particular destination. Look for a niche area and see how you can bring it to life in an exciting manner. It really would not hurt to take a few writing classes. It will help bring to life whatever you are describing in the best way possible.

· Target Niche Areas

In the online space, you are better off focusing on targeting niche areas to avoid the level of competition. You will find a lot that you can focus on about travel. You could, for example, focus on culture, lifestyle, and local cuisine, among others. You will find your niche in an area that you are particularly passionate about.

Experts say that to be relevant in the online space; you do not have to have so many people following you if they do not relate with your material. What sense does it make to have 2 million Instagram followers who never comment, share, or like your posts? You are better off with 50,000, who actively engage with the content. Finding and sticking to your niche will get you very loyal followers because you are talking about something they are passionate about.

· Personalize the Experience

You will build an emotional connection faster if you personalize your experiences. Talk about the challenges, the Joys the things you wish you did better among others. Even if you had to spend days in a hospital because you ate bad food, highlight it in your blog. Of course, you must consider what you choose to share. No one wants to know about your sexual escapades or how you slept on the streets because you got too drunk. While it may make for exciting content, it may not necessarily resonate with all your audiences.

· Make Use of Photographs and Videos

People respond very well to visual cues, and photographs and videos are a perfect way to share your content. Try and ensure that the pictures you have are high-quality. You must also do the same for the videos, as well as ensure that the sound is excellent.

· Honesty Is Best

If you are talking about a place, you should highlight The Good the Bad and the Ugly. There is no one place on earth, that is 100% perfect. If every time all you post is very positive content, people may think that someone is paying you to do so. You will lose credibility, which can be a difficult thing to get back. We are in no way saying you should trash the places, but give a balanced review.

· Focus On What You Are Good At

You will get to enjoy your travel blog more if you focus on what you are good at. You may, for example, find that you are a natural behind the camera, and can bring a place to life, simply by how you describe it. You may find that you are struggling with creating written content. There is no format when it comes to travel blogs, and you must allow yourself to explore the potential within.

· Use Your Social Media Platforms

Link your blog pages to your social media platforms so that you reach a broader audience base. You must ensure that you are consistent with your posts; otherwise, your followers will lose interest. Actively engage with your audiences, and encourage them to share like or comment on your posts.

You must, however, stay on top of things with regards to social media. Under no condition should you ignore any comment even if it is negative. You must learn to handle all kinds of feedback without personalizing issues.

· Build Relevant Networks

To blog like an expert, you need to build the relevant networks. You will find many online spaces where you can interact with like-minded people. You should also try and attend the industry events to equip yourself with better knowledge.

However, do not lock yourself into the travel sector. Also, make sure you network with those who are not in your industry. You get a much wider audience, and you can get a chance to position yourself as a travel expert. You never know when that accountant will need service around travel, and you are the first name he thinks about.

· Monetize Your Travel Blog

Traveling is expensive, and you cannot depend on resources from other people to run your blog site. Find a way of paying for the travels you will undertake. Since you already have a blog post, how about thinking of ways to monetize it. You have several options available, including:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Sponsored ads
  • Online travel Consultancy
  • Selling travel-related products
  • Selling travel-related services booking of accommodation flights transportation among others
  • Selling digital products like eguides, among others.


A travel blog is a great way to express yourself because you base most of what you share on your experiences.  You must, however, take the time to develop your skill so that whatever content you push out resonates with the audiences. Use our tips above to help you blog like an expert.

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