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Facebook holds a top position amongst all social media platforms available in the market. With more than 2 billion users, unsurprisingly, more investors are choosing Facebook as a place to flourish their brand and sales. As a matter of fact, you can find more than 60 million business pages on Facebook. In Canada itself, more than 46% of brands have social media presence for promotions. What’s making Facebook so popular among marketers and brand owners? Well, Facebook provides all those opportunities that you can rely to proceed further with your business. It gives the ability to create ads and handle business pages with their tool called Business Manager.

You may own your personal Facebook accounts and profiles; however, when using Facebook business manager, you are going to manage number of Facebook pages. It’s a whole new ball game. Luckily, this tool has many benefits to offer. For instance, you can control who you want to give access to your business account. Facebook business manager separates your professional and personal accounts. You won’t be disturbed by irritating memes of your personal account’s newsfeed because the tool is specifically created for companies and professionals who want to manage their business.

Facebook Business Manager

It is a free platform that allows marketers to organize, and lead a business account on Facebook. Being a business manager account user, you can manage number of things like pages, ad accounts and so on. Apart from it, you will have an option to add agencies, employees, and other partners. This will help you manage your business effectively. Good thing is you don’t have to send request to your clients or colleagues to become your Facebook friend. From a single dashboard, you can control data and assets accessibility. However, Facebook business manager may seem complicated for beginners.

How Facebook business manager can help you manage your business?

The process begins with a simple requirement – sign into your personal account and then proceed to Now, launch a Facebook Business Manager account by using your personal Facebook profile. This step basically confirms your identity. While signing up for business manager account, make sure you know that owner of company has to be the responsible person. This is because only owner or any responsible person can have the complete authority and rights to the account. In simple words, authority to control business manager account should be given to that employee or person who is less likely to leave the company or business.

Setting up a Facebook Business Manager account doesn’t mean you are modifying your existing Facebook profile. Instead, it simply means you want to have a centralized interface to manage your business and professional initiatives without any involvement of personal Facebook account.

This tool works like magic. If you are a marketing strategist, or advertiser, then using Facebook business manager can benefit you a lot. Yet, question is – Is this tool really right for you? Who should be using this tool other than marketing strategists?

Should you use Facebook Business Manager?

So, you have started to think about business manager, but still unsure if it will be a right decision for you? Well, both big and small companies can choose to use this platform. However, there is one condition. Rather than having only one ad account, you should have several Facebook ad accounts and pages. This is how this tool can be used to manage your business.

Facebook Business Manager is perfect for:

  • An agency or company that leads multiple social media accounts for several clients.
  • A business that oversees multiple Facebook pages with number of employees.
  • A business that form an alliance with other business to manage ad accounts and pages.
  • An agency that aims to include several ad accounts for their various departments.

Pros of using Facebook Business Manager

  • The biggest benefit is availability of all advanced features in one place, and that too free.
  • Facebook Business Manager gives you the ability to oversee admin rights for each client and employee.
  • It allows you to consolidate all of your business’s resources and data in one site.
  • It allows you to keep track of all your employees, companies or clients that work for you.
  • Facebook Business Manager assures that the all admin rights are given to the right person.
  • This tool provides you a clear view on pages, assets, and accounts you monitor.
  • With one business account, and same dashboard, the tool enables you to lead various pages and ad accounts at one time.
  • You can allot various roles to your employees for every different page and ad account.
  • Let you solely focus on your business by separating the view of personal Facebook account.
  • It allows you to collaborate more with other companies and clients as partners.

Cons of using Facebook Business Manager

  • Since the tool is not that simple to learn, you must get the basics first as well as teach others who can be added as admins of your account.
  • When you incorporate an ad account to your business manager account, you cannot reverse it back as it will be linked permanently.
  • Interface is not much intuitive; chances are you might end up wandering around the page.
  • This tool comes with lot of bugs.
  • You cannot delete the ad accounts, but can inactivate them. Apparently, Facebook has some limitations on number of ad accounts.
  • There is lack of dedicated customer support to assist users.


For some, Facebook business manager is a wave of future, while there are many who think Facebook need to iron out many wrinkles. All in all, Facebook business manager is one effective tool that lets you manage your business effectively. Nonetheless, it has its pros and cons. It depends on you to assess if the advantages surpasses the drawbacks for you and your venture. This tool can be improvised to perform even better.

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