You may be excited about starting a travel blog but realize that you do not have an idea about the topics to write on. You may also have so many areas you would like to tackle, but none are translating into exciting topics. We will share some of the best travel blog topics you can explore in your article below.

· Best Places to Visit Posts

Every travel destination has some fantastic places one can visit. You are a travel blogger; therefore, focus on highlighting such areas. It may surprise you that so many people may visit a place but have no idea what to do or where to go. They will end up spending a lot of time in the hotel, while there are so many places they could be having a fantastic time in. Become the go-to source for the best places to visit when you are on a destination.

· Best Places to Eat Posts

When you go to a new destination, the one thing you must plan to try is the local cuisine. It is not strange that many visitors will depend on hotel food. They also eat fast foods, simply because they do not know where to get local cuisine. Your travel blog posts can be about some of the best places to eat in various destinations. Think about it, we even have TV shows around Street foods local cuisine, among others. You can almost be sure that you will get a lot of traffic from people who want to know where they can get that perfect meal.

· Best Places to Stay Post

The best places to stay is another issue that travelers face. While there are several hotels, some are too costly for that budget-conscious traveler. You can advise people through your travel blogs on some of the best places they can stay, highlighting the pros and cons of each place. Think about giving your readers value by describing things such as cost, accessibility, self-hosting, among others. Airbnb is popular, but there are more accommodation options on the ground that you could suggest.

· Best Things to Do Post

There are so many activities one can take part in, depending on where they are. You will, for example, find that a place like California has so many beaches that have tons of activities. Such include snorkeling, surfing, and diving, among others. A tourist who is planning to visit Africa can go for game drives, enjoy the beaches in the coastal areas, and visit indigenous tribes, among others. You can focus on advising your audiences on some fun activities they can engage in while at a particular destination.

· Best Places to Shop Posts

When people are on holiday, some of the things they do include relaxing shopping and eating. You find that many tourists would like an inexpensive place to buy souvenirs for their loved ones back home. You can, therefore, become the source of knowledge for some of the best places to shop. Give value to your audience by suggesting budget-friendly places that are easily accessible.

· Worst Places to Visit Posts

Let us face it; there are some trouble spots at a destination a tourist may not want to visit. Some areas may be a security risk, others may have many conmen, and others are rife with pickpockets among others. You may have had trouble when on some of your trips, and could save other people from going to the same.

· Things to Pay Attention to Posts

Traveling to a destination is so much more than booking your flight and accommodation, packing your bags and taking off. There are so many other considerations, including the type of documents to have medical requirements, insurance requirements, and visa requirements, among others. There are also some cultural and religious factors that one may need to be aware of when visiting a particular place. You will find, for example, that in Strictly Muslim countries, women have to cover their heads.

In other areas, it is unacceptable for a man and a woman to shake hands. Other cultures do not allow a young person to look directly into the face of an older one. It may surprise you that some people have no idea about such factors. They only get to find out when they are at the airport, at the entry point of the destination country, or when they get into trouble because of ignorance. You can also focus on things such as the best transportation modes, issues around currency, what to carry when on a day out, among others. You will find so much content around things to pay attention to, if you want to focus on making this the topic of your travel blog posts.

· Best Night Spots Posts

It is vacation time, and many people like to party the night away. You can, therefore, provide value by showing them some of the most popular spots to visit for some fantastic nightlife.

· Traveling Tips Posts

Traveling tips blog posts will advise on issues such as:-

  • How to pack when going on a trip
  • Where and how to book flights, accommodation, and transportation
  • How to travel on a budget
  • How to travel alone and have a great time
  • How to get multiple usages out of clothes when on a trip
  • How to shop in a foreign country
  • How to survive a long trip
  • What vaccinations you need to have depending on the country you are going to
  • How to travel with a baby
  • How to travel with family pets
  • How to supplement your income when in a foreign country
  • How to backpack across the country, among others.


There are so many travel blog post ideas you can think about. You must ensure that whatever you write provides value to your end readers. You will base a lot of what you write about your experiences, but you must also do your research. Talk to the locals because they are the best source of information at all times.

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