California is a destination you must have in your travel plan. It has some of the best beaches, which offer ultimate relaxation for the weary traveler. If you are traveling to the California coast, there are beaches you must include in your travel itinerary. You may be wondering which ones to go to, and we will highlight them below for you.

· Catalina Island

You will find Catalina Island just 22 miles off the Southern California coast. With so many fun activities, you will want to split yourself into two. Some activities you can enjoy include horseback riding, scuba diving, hiking, kayaking, among others. It also has an active commercial center at Avalon where you can shop, go to art galleries or enjoy a gourmet meal. You have yourself to blame if you do not bring your camera along. You will miss some fantastic photo opportunities, including grazing buffaloes. You may not be someone who enjoys long drives, but fortunately, you can access the area using helicopters.

· Crystal Cove State Park

If you want seclusion, then you must definitely visit the Crystal Cove State Park. You get 3.5 miles of beach. You can also visit the Crystal Cove State Park to enjoy the underwater park. You will experience tide pools and coves that can be such a delight for anyone who has not had a chance to experience them before. If you want to enjoy aquatic life come during winter; although you have access to the beach all year round. Other activities you can enjoy include horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking. There are several rocky features in the canyons and ridges that will give you more than 23 miles of ground if you prefer a more active lifestyle.

· Venice Beach

You will be hard-pressed to find something not to like about Venice Beach. Other than the sunshine and surf, you also get to enjoy the Street Circus that has a lot of fun activities. Such activities include sand sculptors, artists, weightlifters, sand sculptors, among others. Make time to explore the various shops and buy fantastic gift items at the flea markets. You must also take a moment to try out some of the fast-food joints that you will find on the boardwalk.

Even if you prefer a calm moment, Venice Beach will not disappoint you.  It has one of the most beautiful sunsets you can ever hope to see in your lifetime. Make sure you charge your camera so that you can capture the amazing moments when the sun decides to wrap up its activities for the day.

· Newport Beach

The best way to describe Newport Beach is a place that manages to engage all kinds of people. If you want real estate, you must take a look at the beach-side bungalows. Owning one is a dream many people can only hope to achieve in this lifetime. Carry along some extra money so that you can go shopping in the very chic, very up-market Shopping District.

You must also visit Newport Beach to experience a truly magnificent stretch of sandy beaches. It has some fantastic water for surfing, and the area has some of the most experienced Surfers around. Carry along plenty of sunscreen, because you will spend a lot of time at the beach. There is something amazingly nostalgic about Newport Beach. It could be the weathered pier that allows you to enjoy the sunset without interruption.

· Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is truly a fantastic place for anyone who prides himself on being fit and with it. You get the opportunity to surf, swim, paddleball, and play volleyball. You will have such a good time on the beach, that you will not have a moment to think about the tedious days you spend in the office.

And it doesn’t end during the day, in the evening; you can expect to find joggers, bikers, strollers, and bladers. When you are away on holiday, the last thing you will want to do is spend countless hours watching television. You must, therefore, make a point to visit the Strand where you get to watch people in their true elements. It is a fantastic people-watching spot, and boredom will surely not factor in at any point. You must also make a point to visit the bars and restaurants for some great nightlife and fantastic meals.

· Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier has some fantastic activities for anyone who is looking to have a good time. Enjoy the sea world by visiting the aquariums within the area. Come hungry so that you can enjoy the festival food that you will find on the boardwalk.

· Laguna Beach

If you are someone who enjoys visiting fashionable towns that are rich in culture, then you must visit Laguna Beach in Orange County. You get to enjoy the clean and very warm water. You must, however, note that you may experience strong tides due to the cool temperatures of the Pacific. You will especially enjoy the beaches if you enjoy sports such as volleyball. Also, make sure you carry a book good book, and while away the hours relaxing in the sand.

· La Jolla Beach

What you will realize about La Jolla beach is that it is quite tiny. You get a small expanse of sand tucked away between sandstone Cliffs. You must bring along your camera so that you can get bragging rights as one of the people who have fantastic photographs from the coastline. La Jolla beach holds the distinction of being the most photographed beach on the southern California coastline. Carry along scuba diving and snorkeling Gear for a beautiful day out in the water. The water is so clear that you get to see up to 30 feet deep. You will also get to see quite a bit of Wildlife because the area has the Water Park Ecological Reserve, which is an area that enjoys wildlife protection.


If you are visiting California, make sure you take a look at some of the beaches we have highlighted above. You get to enjoy fantastic activities and also have the option of just lazing around if all you want is a little sunshine. Once you finish the day activities, you must also take a moment to enjoy what the nightlife has to offer.


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